Native English narrator

Diego Medrano(ディエゴ・メドラノ)


 英語ナレーター / 講師

アメリカ  カリフォルニア州出身  



Diego is an experienced voice talent from San Francisco, California. After receiving his masters in international affairs, Diego worked in politics and government. After working for Hillary Clinton and Dianne Feinstein, Diego decided to followed his dreams of moving to Japan. His warm and energetic voice has allowed Diego to work as a narrator and voice actor for companies like NTT, NEC, Iseki, the Japan Captains’ Association, Tokyo National College of Technology, and Sophia University.


Diego has been based in Shibuya for the last two years. When not narrating, he lectures on politics and government at a national university.

voice sample

お問い合わせ:   TEL: 044-328-9337