Native French narrator

Jason Grangier(ジェイソン・グランジャー)

French – Swiss (Binational)  


English:  Fluent French: Native  


Miscellaneous skills:  

America, British, French, German accent Piano player, Music Producer Boxing, Aikido, Running, Skiing Motorbike and Car Driving License  


Training 2015 - 2017 Acting, iActing Studios, London & Los Angeles 2014  Acting, Diorama Arts Center, London 2011 – 2012   Acting, Ateliers de la Madeleine, Lausanne 1998 – 2003 Piano, Marie Aegerter piano school, Romont 2007 - 2008  Modelling, Geneviève de Marcy modelling school, Lausanne 










Short Film, James, Jump To The Conclusion [CH], Screening Monkeys, Damien Mazza & Adrien Fernex Short Film, Mr. Blythe/ Wolf, Through the mirror darkly [UK], Sparhawk Pictures, Chris Geden Short Film, The Businessman, The Time Book [CH], Fiction Factory, Jean-Marie Daunas Short Film, The Fiancé, La Méthode Cherpillod [CH], Fiction Factory, Jean-Marie Daunas Short Film, The Man, An Everyday Man ? [UK], Sparhawk Pictures, Chris Geden Short Film, Wilson, Stolen [UK], Royal Holloway University of London, Cassandre Bigaignon Short Film, Jack, A Kind of Happiness [FR], Kiona Pictures, Charles Clerc  


-COMMERCIAL- Still photography, Man drinking beer with “The Stig”, BUDWEISER Sill photography, Happy smart customer, ASDA 


-TELEVISION- Sitcom, Simon, Happy Célibat, Seven Prod, Monica De Almeida & Marc Décosterd TV Drama, The Toilets Stalker, The Man In An Orange Shirt, Kudos, BBC  TV Serie, Boat Seller, Taboo, Hardy, Son & Baker, Kristoffer Nyholm TV Serie, Sodoku, Super Soja, .D Production, Axel Djedadjian TV Serie, Business Man, Dinosaur Britain (S1 E01), Maverick TV, RIchard Klein 



TV show, Presenter/Interviewers, Videogame Nation (several episodes), Ginx TV, 2002 Studios TV show, Voice over, Reviews (several episodes), GinxTV, 2002 Studios Corporate, Main voice, Avatrade,, 2002 Studios  Commercial, Main voice, Blueguard, Sockshop, Tribe Films Commercial, Main Character, CISCO Data center, Cisco, 2002, Studios Commercial, Patrick, Intuos Comic, Wacom, 2002 Studios Commercial, Sam, Intuos Photo, Wacom, 2002 Studios Commercial, Man with dogs, Logi Circle, Logitech, 2002 Studios Corporate, Main voice, Trading technics, Boom22, 2002 Studios Educational, Presenter, Selling techniques conference, Lingo24, 2002 Studios 


-STAGE- Le compositeur, Les otarinosses, Comédie du jour, David Berset Laplume, Les oiseaux sont verts, Haute pression, Maria Gisler

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