Native English narrator

Carolyn Miller(キャロリン ミラー)

Birthplace: Toronto, Canada

Carolyn is a professional voice actor with many years of experience and many years of voice training in both the US and Canada. She is also a long-term resident of Japan. 

Character voices for video games, cartoons/anime and educational projects;

Narration for corporate videos, documentaries, TV shows, books and educational recordings, as well as voicing many TV and radio commercials - her voiceover experience spans a wide breadth of projects.




Work Experience (Partial list)

Video Game:            

Ace Combat X2

     Arc Rise Fantasia (Cecille - young girl) 

Cooking Mama (2 characters) Majesco Games

Elebits – Konami (main character)

Elite Beat Agents  - (female agent) Nintendo DS

Shining Force NEO – Sega (Maria and background voices)

Graffiti Kingdom – Taito Video Game  - 4 Characters

Black Jack/Baccarat Game/Various games – Axa Int. (2005 – 2010)

Baten Kaitos – Namco (Corillia and other Characters)

Video Slot Game – Konami – (One voice) 


Voice over for Video (Corporate/Government/NGO etc.):

Keio University

JAMSTEC yearly VP 


JICA: Gender Mainstreaming

JICA: Health Services

Mitsui Chemicals

Fuji Film – Minami Yoshida Factory

NEC-Users Forum and iEXPO 

Paparazzi Ace


Aoyama Gakuin University (2009 – 2013)

Spatio Temporal Maps

Edogawa Summit

Fifth Louvre - DNP Museum Lab - Van Hoogstraten)

Science Channel "Meteorology"

Nikon Relaxsee 

JAL in-flight recording (tourism video)

Voice over for Video (Corporate/Government/NGO etc.):

Tokyo Tourism Video

JAL in-flight recording (duty free shopping-regular recordings.)

Toyota – B & P Line

Mitsubishi Minato Mirai Industrial Museum

Tokyo Tourism 


Mabuchi Motors

Diana – Title call

KDDI – Wireless Japan

Fuji Film 

Niigata City Promotional Photo DVD

The fifth Taste-Unami (Japan-UK Coproduction, NHK)

The History of Jeitai

Olympus (Title Call)

Nihon Genyro

Fuji Electric Group

Fisheries Research Agency (Japan)

Panasonic RT Middleware Project

Hitachi - Personal Information Protection

Ministry of Justice – Tokyo, 

Honda’s Smart Repair, etc.

Voice Over for Television (Animation):

NHK Little Charo –Season 4 – Tonko (a bunny rabbit)

NHK Pre-Kiso Eigo: Main character: Ah (2011 ~  2012)

NHK Little Charo (Seasons 1 and 2): Chris (little boy) Lark (little boy), Colon (little penguin) etc. 2010)

 (Chris, (little boy), Jane (young woman) and other characters 2008 Zenmai Zamurai, Tanoshiku ABC, NHK

Voice Over for Television:

NHK World – Dubbing TV shows for overseas market. (Science View, Booked for Japan, On-the-spot Reports, etc.)


(Speaking from the heart – Voice over)

NHK – 赤毛のアンの旅(Anne of Green Gables) 

SMAP X SMAP TV Special  (Fuji TV) 

Sanma no Karakuri TV (TBS)

Children's show, hosted by Konishiki (CATV)


Jins Eyeglasses (TV CM – Japan)

Seiyu (TV CM-Japan)

Daihatsu (Radio CM - Japan)


Canon (Radio CM - Japan)

Toyota (TV CM - Japan)

Canon (Radio CM - Japan)

KDDI AU – Media Skin (TV CM - Japan)

Peach John the Catalog – Winter/Spring  (TV CM - Japan)

Nissan Radio Commercial (Japan) (Commercial and event ID - Japan)

ANA (TV CM – International)

Tokyo Denroku (Internet commercial)

Takeda Seiyaku C1000 Takeda (Radio CM – Japan)

Movie Trailer: 8月のシンフォニー  (Symphony in August)

Radio: Show tags for Fuji FM

Car Navigation: for Pioneer

Voice Work for Department Store:  In Store recordings in various department stores

Voice Work for Planetarium: Symphony of the Starry Sky


Educational Recordings: (Partial List)


POD CAST: STEP BULATS  - Ken’s Café (Business English Pod Cast, 2009 ~ present)


Home Studio – twice-weekly news recording done from home (since 2004/11 ~ 2013).


Yamaha: Educational anime (Various characters)


Internet: Honda E-Learning, NEC electronics E-Learning, Hitachi CSR E-learning, etc.


NHK TV: Eigo De Asobo: Playing the role of Bib (on camera)


NHK (Radio) 

Practical English Listening (2011~ present)

Rajio Eikaiwa (skits – 2008/4 ~  present)

Yama Girls Canada no Tabi (CD recording – 3 month topic series)

Little Charo: Chris (little boy) Lark (little boy), Colon (little penguin) etc. 2010) 

Little Charo (Chris, (little boy), Jane and other characters 2008)

Business Eikaiwa (Business Conversations) (skits 2008/4 ~ 2009)

Eikaiwa Jyokyu (Advanced English) – 

Eikaiwa Nyumon (Beginner English) - Regular Assistant)

Eikaiwa Jyokyu – Regular Assistant

Eikaiwa Chukyu (Intermediate English)– Regular Assistant and Skits 

Eikaiwa Nyumon – Regular Assistant and Skits 

Listening Nyumon (Dialogs) 

Let’s Speak (Dialogs)

Business Eikaiwa (Business Conversations) (Dialogs)


Labo Educational Center (NHK) – Sounds in Kiddyland Series, “Helga’s Diary”  

Asahi – CNN English for the Global Age with CNN International, Vol. 5, 

English for Mass Communication, Science in Your Life – 4 th Edition

ALC – Active English (magazine), Anata no Eigo wo (Tanoshimu) ni Suru Eikaiwa etc.

Z-Kai – Be, have, go! go!

Taishukan Shoten – Eiwa/Waei Electronic Dictionary (English words)

Kyoiku Shuppan – One World English Course (JHS Textbooks)

Kinseido – Topics for Global Citizenship

ABC World News 7

News Watch 3 NHK English News Stories

TOEIC Target 500

Kirihara Shoten – English Listening- The National Center Test

Global Ways, Konishi Katsuya no Eikaiwa

Beret Shupan - Ichi Kara Hajimaru Eikaiwa

Kodomo To Isshoni Eigo Manande

Repeat and Master

Brushing up your English

One more step

Seibido – Integrated Technical English, Successful Steps for the TOEIC Test

Gakken – Eigo atama ni nareru

Evidence Corporation – Kodomo To Yes Ka No De Hajimenasai

 IBC Publishing – Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte, Anderson’s Classic Stories,

The Nose, by Runosuke Akutagawa

Jouhou Center – Mamachya Eigo – English for Mom and Child

Bennese – Be Go (Children’s Educational)

Todai English test (plus various other recordings.)

Various educational recordings for:

Best Media, Bun-Eido, IBM, Yamaha, Yakagawa, Esprit Line, Macmillan, ALC Press, Takarajimasha and so on.

Everyday conversational texts such as CNN English Express and CDs used by language schools: AEON, ECC, Geos 


Recordings in Canada: Home Energy Efficiency 


Voice Training: 

Edge Studio, (Voice Training) New York

Voice & Speech, (Voice Training) Toronto

Voiceworx, Toronto (Voice Workshops)

Ellie Ray Hennesy, Toronto (Voice coach, 2005 ~ present)

Attended Voice Over Conference, Los Angeles, 2010


お問い合わせ:   TEL: 044-328-9337